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Multi-Asset Exchange

With a low and transparent fee structure and various cutting-edge tools, LiveTrade users can employ crypto, fiat, and even stocks to access to an array of investment products. CFD trading is also available for certain assets.
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All LiveTrade’s products and services have been designed to provide a user-friendly and blockchain-less interface for our customers, offering simple and comfortable experiences, for all the complex technology framework behind the exchange. LiveTrade will tailor its products toward the needs of individual and business clients, securing the greatest and constant benefit for every member.


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LiveTrade Exchange & Brokerage aims at connecting traditional and crypto financial markets, bringing stocks, fiats, and crypto into one exchange, ensuring that our customers can access to all kinds of financial assets from a single account.

LiveTrade is also an indispensable partner for any SMB in need of capital as we offer a new easy and economic method of fundraising. With LiveTrade, every business, from small to large-scaled, can grab the opportunity to secure funds for growing their businesses.

Instead of trying to creep through the loopholes of the legislation, LiveTrade tries to conform and adapt to the laws of every nation where we establish our business. We are responsible and transparent to our customers and society.


Total Security Without Compromise

Your security is our priority. LiveTrade takes every necessary precaution to secure our clients’ personal information and funds by combining the pros of both centralized and decentralized platforms without compromising our approachable nature.

Embedded “People” Formula

The successful bottom line of every business comes down to a very simple formula: PEOPLE. From the moment you open your account, LiveTrade is with you every step of the way. We are extremely proud of our customer service standards.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

The LiveTrade Exchange does not run away from regulation but towards it. LiveTrade will strictly adhere to the jurisdictions and guidelines on our operations, satisfying all the regulatory and compliance criteria, no matter which country or region we are in.

Blockchain-less Experience

By keeping a balance between giving easy and simple access to beginners and improving upon important elements for experienced traders, LiveTrade has positioned itself as one of the friendliest multi-asset trading platforms.

Cooperation with the Best Partners

To deliver the most reliable and convenient way to trade and invest in financial assets, LiveTrade connects our customers with the world’s largest brands, ranging from top exchanges and brokerages, liquidity providers, third party payment providers, etc.

Integrity, Responsibility & Transparency

LiveTrade understands that the long-term success of the company requires a business model that incorporates integrity and ethics as natural parts of its daily business operations. Straightforward pricing is our constant regime.




Technology and exceptional crews are the nuts and bolts of our network. We are open to communication and treasure mutual devotion. LiveTrade believes in win-wins.​


Respect LiveTrade's core values and conform to our policies in order to fulfill our commitments with the customers. We ask for not only hands but also hearts and minds.​

What TO expect from us

Reliability, goodwill, and sustainability. LiveTrade works our best toward maintaining long-term partnerships, optimum benefits, and credibility for all the involved parties.​


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